Saturday, May 01, 2004

Moral Clarity, Part One.

The revelations of horrendous prisoner abuse by US soldiers at Abu Ghraib prison have drawn universal condemnation from all sides. President Bush describes himself as "disgusted." General Kimmit says that he was "appalled." So I'm glad to see, in the face of this chorus universal condemnation, that the readership of the dean of Australian right wing blogging, Tim Blair, retains some moral clarity about the issues involved.

And what did these boys do - they mocked some fascists. Is that really breaking world news?! I don't think it warrants a punishment any more severe than a "please don't do it again, boys" (if that).

Kip Watson:

Oh my god. They made him stand on a box. A box. I mean, didn't they have a crate, or a barrel? A box. Oh, the torture. Seriously -- I think I know why Leftovers are so showily "horrified" at these alleged actions against Iraqi prisoners by Americans. 1) They resemble frat-party hijinks, raising guilty memories in some of the Leftovers of memories of freshman abuse in their less "enlightened" days, and 2) they seemed more designed to cause humiliation than pain, and humiliation is feared by Leftovers more than anything else, actual physical torture included.

Andrea Harris

Bit tiresome really all this mock outrage in the West.


These troops might be scumbags, But lets examine the facts. They humiliated some of Saddam's fedayeen by pretending to do to them , for a laugh, what these Sadam supporters did to many for real.


General Janice Karpinski may be a disgrace to the uniform but she knows how to party. Your right though, those jihadis shouldn't have been humiliated like that. They should have just been shot.


"How would you feel if it was your sister who had been abused, raped, perhaps killed by one of these prisoners and you witnessed their subsequent humiliation and harrassment by their American captors? Would you feel a) gleeful, b) indifferent, c) both?"

Andrea Harris

That said, I don't want those prisoners 'humiliated'. I want them fucking dead. Try and grasp the seriousness of that, dumbass, and stop crying your PC tears for these terrorist scum.



Compare and contrast

The world has gone to hell

To their credit, there are other commenters who took issue with these sentiments. But if you ever wondered if a substantial segment of the readership Tim Blair attacts might be a little, ah, extremist, live in doubt no more.

Ok, maybe you think it's too easy to pick on the dregs who inhabit the comments section of right wing weblogs. In the next post, let's consider some more substantive commentary. Or at least, commentary by people who tend to put their own names on things.