Saturday, May 01, 2004

More moral clarity

A taxonomy of negative responses in CBS's mailbag on CBS's coverage of the prisoner abuse story, ordered by rationalisation.

Look over there! Why don't you report something positive?

I find it very wrong that our soldiers mistreated confined Iraqis. What I find even more destructive is that you do not find the time to report what has been accomplished with what the good soldiers have done. You have your own agenda and report as you feel fit.

John Threadgill

They had it coming! They did it too!

They had to pose for pornographic pictures? So what. We cannot imagine sitting at home on our couches the horrors our soldiers must face every day. Why not focus your attention on the unfair practices of our enemy?

Sally Ainsley

Sweep it under the carpet! You're only helping our enemies!

Are you guys nuts? Do you think showing this is going to help the Americans in captivity and our other allies? I fully understand the need for an open and free press, but you have to balance that with the lives of our own people.

Ari Kettunen

What's your agenda? We know what to do with reports from the liberal media! Just shut up!

What, other than ratings and increased revenue, did you expect to achieve with this program which verges on treason in a time of war?

Sondra Cutcliffe

You leave little doubt, both past and present, of your liberal agenda and desire to taint this military action.

Raymond E. O'Neill