Thursday, June 03, 2004

Logic watch

On the sentencing of Islamic terrorist Jack Roche, conservative journalism student Gareth Parker writes, or cites (it's never very clear) the following:

Every critic and blamer, every detractor and accuser, who continues to make the case [..] that our status as a target of terrorists is the fault of the Australian government must read this judgement. Because it spells out clearly and unequivocally that terrorists are willing to kill innocent Australians for no other reason than they live un-Muslim lives. That is the stark reality and anyone who suggests otherwise is either dishonest or a fool.

The argument is clear. Muslic terrorists want to kill us for no other reason than we aren't like them, and anyone who suggests that government policy could have something to do with it is either dishonest or a fool.

So what about this dishonest fool?

Federal Opposition leader Mark Latham's call to bring Australian troops in Iraq home by Christmas would only encourage terrorists, Prime Minister John Howard said today.


"The worry I have is that any equivocation, any weakening at the present time will be seen around the world as the product of terrorist intimidation," he said


"They will see any weakening in the coalition as a sign they should try harder and that is a worry."

It's very simple. Either the terrorists aren't influenced by government policy because they have an irrational hatred of us, or they are rationally influenced by government policy by being encouraged by a "weakening" of our stance, but simply as a matter of logic both can't be true.

The true situation is, of course, that yes, terrorists want to do harm to us and have done for a long time, but equally, terrorists have to recruit and rally forces like anyone else, and clearly they will have an easier time of it when we keep on giving them excellent reasons to hate us. As I have pointed out, if I was an Iraqi Abu Ghraib would have me reaching for my gun.

But this is of course too complicated an concept for the right wing blowhards. Sound bite politics has become thought-bite blogging, with all the idiocy that that implies.