Saturday, July 03, 2004

I watch Entertainment Tonight too

Budding teen queens Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen... Oh, I can't even spit it out.

I admit it: I'm an ET gossip fanboy. And so it was particularly perplexing to watch the reports that Mary Kate Olsen was in rehab for anorexia. Try as I might, I couldn't figure this out. Not because, looking at Mary Kate Olsen, I can't believe that she's anorexic. No, the problem is that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are identical twins. If you've seen them, you'll notice that they look exactly the same as each other. So my question is, how can one Olsen twin be anorexic and not the other one?

This report in the NY Post, suggesting that Mary Kate Olsen is actually in rehab for cocaine use, makes a hell of lot more sense.

Once again, your news media has come through to expose unproven-yet-plausible facts about the lives of our 18 year old starlets. And I'm right here to chronicle it.