Saturday, October 09, 2004


I can handle Labor losing the election -- I'm used to that -- but for the Coalition to come within a bee's dick of taking control of the Senate as well....

Unacceptable, Latham. Simply unacceptable.

I'm sure if Beazley came back I'd remember why it was that he was kicked out of the leadership in the first place... but the fat(ter) man is looking pretty good from this standpoint.

As far as I'm concerned the challenge of the next 3 years of Coalition power is about survival -- for the now extraordinarily fragile LaborGreenOcrat coalition in the Senate to harass and stall their agenda until certain processes kick in to wipe the Coalition government out once and for all. It seems even the character issue of a prime minister who lies his head off and a ministerial staff who've elevated profiteering and conflict-of-interest into a science isn't enough to turn off Australian voters when the economy is good.

So wait for the predicted economic downturn and then see how much shine remains of "honest John" Howard.