Monday, October 04, 2004

Kerry Cheats

What better way to break a blogger silence than with a Matt Drudge related post.

Only Drudge is brave enough to expose the latest cover-up by the Liberal media; that Kerry cheated to win that debate against George Bush on national security on Thursday.

Drudge's forensic video analysts reveal that John Kerry pulled a mysterious object from his coat shortly before taking the lectern, in clear contravention to agreed upon debate rules that the candidates may take nothing with them to the podium beforehand.

What did Kerry place on the podium? Drudge asks. What indeed? What else could explain George Bush's strangley sluggish performance but a secret ultrasonic hypno-ray device? Remember, you heard it hear first!

Ok, maybe it wasn't a hypno ray. Maybe Theresa just wrote him a crib sheet with all the names of the foreign leaders (alas, she forgot Poland!) Or perhaps it was even... a pen.

Either way this is exactly the kind of lawless debate-nobbling we expect from the ruthless Democrats. God I'm glad Drudge is on the case. To imagine, some say he isn't a real journalist, but a lame republican party hack!