Saturday, October 09, 2004

Making a mockery of our democracy

Is Glenn Druery, who pioneered, in 1999, the practice of "preference harvesting" on the NSW legislative assembly paper.

His technique? According to the ABC, register endless numbers of "micro-parties", supposedly independent, but all mysteriously directing their preferences to help Glenn Druery. They clutter up the ballot and attract donkey and impulse votes.

So on the NSW ballot we have the "Outdoor Recreation Party", the "Fishing Party", "Ex-Service", "Liberals for Forests", "Aged", the "No Party Affiliation" party, "The Great Australians", the "Progressive Labor Party", the "Non-Custodial Parents" party, and the incredibly named "Lower Excise Fuel and Beer Party".

It's not clear if Glenn Druery is behind all of them, but he's clearly behind some of them.... and this shadowy figure seems to have done quite well for himself.

"Liberals for Forests", for example, has attracted 6,208 votes. Small but not insignificant in a tight election.

To think there's this number of idiots who are willing to vote for a party purely on the basis of a name... well, it beggars belief.

Glenn Druery, I think you're onto a good thing. No one ever went bust underestimating the intelligence of the Australian public.