Thursday, November 04, 2004

Cloud cuckoo land

Libertarian bloggers still don't get it...

Glenn Reynolds writes:

NICE BUSH SPEECH, TOO: I hope the conciliatory mood lasts. I listened on NPR, and was happy to hear the NPR folks saying that Bush's popular vote majority erased any concerns about legitimacy from 2000.
HOW CAN BUSH DEMONSTRATE MODERATION? What better way than to nominate Eugene Volokh for the next Supreme Court vacancy? (Thanks to reader Mike McConnell for the suggestion).

When will you get it, Glenn? You're supporting a rabid Christian fundamentalist ideologue who's steamrolled the election with a relentless diet of lies, smears, and outrageously false propaganda from the conservative press. He's not going to be conciliatory. He's not going to be moderate. He's not going to reach out to the 49 percent who didn't vote for him. And he's sure as hell not going to appoint a liberatarian hack lawyer to the Supreme Court. He's going to stack it with ultraconservatives. He wants faith-based initiatives, the war on drugs, and a reversal of Roe vs Wade. And the new line about a "morals-based" voting block suggests a renewed war on porn, "anti-Christan hate speech" (blasphemy) and lots of other things covered by the first amendment.

Oh yeah, but he'll cut your taxes. So none of this other stuff matters. Once again, we find out the only thing libertarians really care about...