Thursday, November 04, 2004

Cloud cuckoo land, part 2

Andrew Sullivan quotes an email from a reader:

"I'll tell you, being a 16 year-old gay kid in Michigan just got a hell of a lot worse. When I woke up this morning and saw the anti gay marriage proposal had passed, I was shocked. I realized the situation I'm faced with everyday in school - the American people have just shown my classmates that it's perfectly fine to discriminate. A direct quote from a 'friend' at school today: 'It's so cool that all these states just told all the faggots to eat shit and get the hell out...' Because of the above events, I am at a crossroads ... I'm the youngest card-carrying Republican in the county, and am constantly asked to get others involved for Bush/Cheney.

Starting to figure it out, Andrew? Out of Kerry liberals and Bush conservatives, which side is fighting your freedom, Andrew? As "The Bush Dislexicon" points out, Bush was strong on attacking gay rights in his first election campaign, something you were well aware of, and yet you vainly pretended that it was just posturing that wouldn't really affect gay Republicans. After all, you were going to get your fiscal conservatism (ironically, not delivered) and your tax cut and that's all that matters.

As a gay man you countenanced a faustian bargain by climbing in bed with Bush and the Republican party, and now it's biting you in the arse.

Libertarians, gay conservatives, and other useful idiots for the Republicans: you're being played.